Emily Peed is a writer. Currently, she is studying how high technologies interact with the society and economy. After studying semi-conductor manufacturing, pollutants, 3D Printing technologies, and other high technologies, she decided to focus research for 2018 and beyond on the following titles:

  • The 21st Century Economy – expected late 2018
    • Combining existing research across different domains from clean computing, 3D printing, and other topics for sharpened focus on how it is time for the economy to shake off the shackles of the industrial revolution and previous centuries. It is time for it to unfold into the potential of 21st century capability.


  • Regrets of an Empire – expected 2020
    • Going through an analysis of current political upheaval alongside technological tools, and the societal consequences are if we do not evaluate and project their impacts adequately. Analyzes how United States could benefit from more modernization, technology education, and embracing 21st century technologies.

More writing can be found at: https://medium.com/@emilypeed

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